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The Weekly Bulletin is back after a three week hiatus! Thank you for your patience and understanding, as multiple events, and deadlines,  including budget season have taken time away from the production of the Bulletin.  

Thank you to all teachers and staff for your focus and dedication as we completed our last interim assessment, analyzed the data, and are moving into the last phase of differentiation and strategic instruction of key standards. We had 95% participation rate in interim assessments by students! We have also successfully focused our portfolio presentations on having students reflect on their progress, and demonstrate that they can transfer their knowledge to new contexts.

Over the next five weeks, it will be important to focus on each individual student, and to engage the students in understanding what their key growth standards are. We have made great progress in using data to drive instruction, and from now until the PARCC and AP administration, it will be important to make strategic decisions on maximizing instructional time to meet each students’ needs. Please make sure your action plan/calendar identifies the key standards to be taught, and then differentiates for students by listing student names for each standard. Using Mastery Connect, this will be much easier to accomplish.


We are FOUR instructional weeks away from PARCC, and SIX instructional weeks away from AP.  Our goal is for every student to make progress, and to reach our school goals of increasing the number of students who score a 4 or 5, by 10%, and to decrease the number who are scoring a 1 by 10%. For AP, our goal is to increase the number of students scoring a 3,4, or 5 to 27%.

In order to reach these goals, we are offering a series of Saturday Tutoring sessions, and we need teachers of ELA, Math, and AP. You can sign up for just one session or for multiple sessions. The compensation is $35.00 per hour. If you can work even one Saturday, please see Ms. Sandra Baker.

We are offering multiple incentives to students and teachers, including an all-expense paid trip to King’s Dominion!!!

March 6 - March 31, 2017

Focus on Instruction
Leadership Team and Other Updates
Shout Outs
Opportunities and Updates
Ambiente, creating a climate for learning
Sports - Griffins Update!
Thought for the Week
Weekly Calendar
Upcoming Events and Activities
The middle school girls soccer team lost to Brookland. The middle school boys soccer team defeated Brookland and lost to Deal. The high school baseball team defeated Anacostia but lost to Maret. The high school flag football team defeated Wilson and Roosevelt.The high school softball team defeated Cardozo.  The boys rugby team defeated The Heights.  The girls rugby team tied TCWilliams.

GSOC 1 - 1
BSOC 1 - 1 - 1

BB 1 - 2
Boys Rugby 1 - 0
Girls Rugby 1 - 0 - 1
Flag FB 4 - 1
SB 1 - 0

MS BSOC vs. Oyster Adams at Randall Field @ 3:30
HS SB vs. Dunbar at CHEC @ 4;00
MS GSOC vs. Oyster Adams at Randall Field @ 4:30

HS BB vs. Cardozo at Maury Wills @ 4:00
Flag FB vs. McKinley Tech at McKinley Tech @ 5:00

MS BSOC vs. Hardy at Randall Field @ 3:30
HS SB vs. Wilson at Guy Mason @ 4:00
MS GSOC vs. Hardy at Randall Field @ 4:30

HS BB vs. Eastern at Eliot-Hine @ 4:00
Flag FB vs. Ballou at Spingarn @ 6:30

HS Boys Rugby vs. TC Williams at Jeleff @ 5:30

No Games
SLC Morning Meeting

SLC Morning Meeting

Department Meetings

Department Meetings

No School for Students
Morning – District wide PD
Afternoon -Record Keeping



February and March Shout Outs
  • Shout out to Ms. Lydia and the arts department for a fantastic African American history month assembly
  • Kudos to Mr. Onley and the middle school band for their Kennedy Center performance on March 13!
  • Shout out to all highly effective staff members at CHEC for their recognition at the standing ovation event!!!
  • Kudos to SLC committee members for helping out with morning hall sweeps and attendance calls!
  • Shout out to all department chairs for leading their departments in completing their action plans!!
  • Shout out to Ms. Hartwill and the sky team for their victory in the dciaa alpine challenge!! • Kudos to the counselors for a great sat day!!
  • Shout out to the restorative justice committee for coordinating the march staff meeting and promoting restorative practices!!
  • Kudos to Ms. Elmore for coordinating the ODNI visits to chec and mock interviews!!


This is a friendly reminder that the Professional Development Catalog for the March 31 Traditional Calendar Year Schools PD Day is now available. Please review the catalog and register for your session on Sched by Wednesday, March 29. Registering for sessions ensures staff members receive credit for attendance, updates on locations, and any key reminders from session facilitators.

All staff members will attend district-led PD sessions from 8:00 AM – 11:15 AM. The agenda for each session, unless otherwise stated in this catalog, is:

8:00 AM – 8:15 AM: Arrival and Check-In at session room
8:15 AM – 11:15 AM: District-Led PD session

Staff members will return to their schools from 11:15 AM – 12:30 PM with time embedded for a lunch break. Records Day will take place from 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM.


Two  Saturdays ago,  CHEC Debater Eric Clarke went undefeated   (4-0) in the Novice Division of WUDL’s District-Wide Debate Tournament at   Woodrow Wilson H.S..  He was also named the 3rd best   individual speaker.  There were 80   teams from 27 schools. Congratulations Mr. Cohen and CHEC Debaters!!

On Monday, March   13, 2017, 14 young men from CHEC attended the Young Men's Conference for Career   and College Readiness. Hosted by the Office of the State Superintendent   (OSSE), the boys arrived via private chart bus to Gallaudet University's Kellogg Conference Center. After welcome and introductions over breakfast,   our boys, along with cohorts from more than 10 other DC high schools,   attended a menu of sessions curated by organizers to introduce a variety of   career options and college prep tips. At the conclusion, participants were   challenged to write a reflection of and what they gained. The student who   gave the best response was awarded a free laptop. That student was CHEC's   very own, Alexander Perkins. Congratulations, Alex!

On Friday,   April 7-8, 2017, CHEC Bellmen of Columbia Heights Education Campus (CHEC) will host the   Bellmen Community Combine. It will be a two day conference of panel   interviews, activities, performances, and giveaways. Please encourage your students to come and be a part of this empowering event. Our goal is to   encourage intrinsic motivation to succeed as well as convey the urgency and   benefits of taking ownership of our own well-being in the following areas:

  • Mental- Growing our minds and emotions.
  • Social- Building our self to build a better world.
  • Physical- Strengthening our bodies from inside and out.
  • Financial- leveraging resources for survival.
  • Spiritual- Preserving the soul for a higher purpose.
  • Creativity- Using Imagination and innovation to be   inspirational.

CHEC is a grantee of the of the DC Public Education Fund’s   2016 Empowering Males of Color Innovation Grant. This combine will be a   culmination of our pilot effort to build a system of empowerment using   resources made possible by DCEF, DCPS, and a host of local vendors and   services providers. The first day of the event will be an in-school retreat,   catering to our young males. The second day is open to the entire   community.   Please come out and   support our young men!

We are now in Cycle 3 of Impact, and   will be offering pre-conferences once again.   Teachers should have received the results of the first Student   Survey. We will be offering   opportunities to discuss the student survey results and providing resources to work on responding to the information.

Submitted by Angela Martinez and Angela Falkenberg

Library News:  Looking to inspire students to enjoy reading in a format other than print? Schedule a visit from your MS (angela.falkenberg@dc.gov) or HS (angela.martinez@dc.gov) librarian to show students how to access e-books and audio books through DCPS and DCPL. Diverse reading formats and a variety of texts has shown to increase student reading motivation.

Bell HS Library recently added non-fiction books while Lincoln MS Library has a new display of culturally relevant topics. Whether you are looking for resources to complement your units or want something for your own independent reading, you’ll be sure to find a wide variety of books from which to choose.

Library News: Mark your calendars for March 30th - CHEC Libraries will host a Readathon in Bell Library from 2pm - 7pm. ALL CHEC students and teachers are invited to attend the event and can sign up in the Bell or Lincoln Library.

Pre-registered students will receive a dress down pass for the day and be excused from class at 1:55. Students may also arrive after their class ends at 3:15. If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact your MS or HS librarian. Flyers coming soon!

The Leadership Team will continue to meet every other Wednesday this year, and the Academic Leadership Team (ALT) will meet every other Wednesday. The ALT met on Wednesday, March 22, to discuss the process of developing action plans for differentiation. The notes and minutes from all meetings are available on the CHEC Portal. The Academic Leadership Team is a group of teachers, counselors, and administrators who meet every other week to discuss school needs, and plan for improvements. The Leadership Team designs the school’s comprehensive school plan, and helps in its implementation.  Please consider joining the Leadership Team this year.  It is open to all faculty and staff.  We need the involvement and voices of all. Remember, Leadership team meetings are open to all who are interested in schoolwide decision-making and leadership.  You can come once, or as many times as you like, but please make your voice heard!


Thank you to all who participated in our budget survey.  Due to the increase in costs in DCPS, and the fact that CHEC has the lowest per pupil allocation based on enrollment in the entire city, our budget has undergone a reduction this year.  Our students and parents have been meeting with Central Office staff for the past three weeks, however as yet there has been no positive response.  We will continue by taking the issue to the Chancellor, City Council and to the Mayor. If you would like to get involved in the Budget Process, please see M. Tukeva or V. Molina.


As spring, as sprung, we are emphasizing punctuality and attendance.   In order to make sure that students are prepared for PARCC and AP, we have to make sure they are in class and on task every day.  Thank you to everyone for supporting our hall sweeps, follow up calls to parents, and detentions.  We have already greatly reduced the number of tardies and class cutting!   Please continue to support all school wide norms, including uniforms and cell phone use.    Use CHAMPS and PBIS to support your classroom climate!  INVITE MS. CAMPBELL TO YOUR CLASS DOJO SO THAT SHE CAN HIGHLIGHT YOUR GREAT PBIS WORK.

Please do not cover up the windows to your classroom or office doors. This should only be done in the event of an active shooter drill or event.  Other than that, it is a safety hazard to cover the windows.  Administrators will be checking on this periodically and asking maintenance to remove any windows that are covered.

This IS A REMINDER ABOUT THE Student of the Week Program. Any staff member can nominate a student, for academic or mission related accomplishments.

Please send your nominations by email to M. Tukeva.

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