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The theme for this year’s American Education Week is “A Great Education is a Right and Our Responsibility.”  The first observance of American Education Week occurred December 4-10, 1921, with the NEA and American Legion as the cosponsors. The purpose of this week is to draw attention to the crucial role that education plays in society and in the world. During this week, we salute all educators and all who work in schools. To celebrate, we will hold a luncheon for all faculty and staff on Thursday, November 17, in the Middle School Library, during both student lunches.


Thank you to all for your analysis and focus during last week’s data meetings. This week, we will continue the work, by designing action plans to reteach the weak standards, and constructing the next interim, so that we can be sure that we are teaching the standards that are being assessed.

We will also be working on weekly short cycles and daily assessments that are aligned to the standards that will be assessed.

Alignment between what is assessed and what is taught, is the key to success for students. It is important to plan backwards from the standards that will be taught on PARCC or AP, so that we are sure that each interim is assessing the key standards that must be mastered.


CHEC Bellmen (a part of DCPS's Empowering Males of Color Initiative) now has a website! Please visit checbellmen.com to learn about the program and its structure. Consider taking the #BellmenChallenge and see a full calendar of events where participants can sign up to attend sessions that will help them meet their goals. If you have questions about the program or ways to get involved, please email Program Coordinator, DeMario Hardmon-Fort at dhf@speaklight.org.

Dear CHEC Faculty & Staff:

The 2016 Bell Football team is once again going to the GRAVY BOWL this coming Saturday @ 12pm at Dunbar SHS. I wanted to personally thank each of you for you unwavering support during the season. I know that with your continued support we will WIN the championship this year!

A few things I wanted to bring to your attention as it relates to preparations for the big game on Saturday:

We’ve purchased a banner for all staff & faculty to sign to offer well wishes to our athletes. Feel free to stop pass Coach A’s office or see Mr. Duvall if you’d like to post a message.

We will offer breakfast for our athletes this Saturday at 8:30am. We will depart for the field sometime after 10:15am. We would love to have as many teachers as possible come see us off as we exit the school for the bus. This will be a great time to show school spirit and support for the program.

PREPARE – COMPETE – FINISH has been our motto for this season. With the season coming down to this final game, we’ve been trying to keep the message of FINISHING in our athlete’s minds. I would greatly appreciate anyone mentioning the word FINISH to the athletes as you interact with them throughout the week. We are working on making signs that say FINISH for game day, but would welcome any custom signs that help spread the message.

Thank you again for all of your help and support throughout this season! We will need each of you on Saturday to FINISH the season STRONG! GO BLUE!!

Coach OJ - Head Coach – Bell SHS

November 14 - November 18, 2016

Focus on Instruction
Leadership Team and Other Updates
Shout Outs
Opportunities and Updates
Ambiente, creating a climate for learning
Sports - Griffins Update!
Thought for the Week
Weekly Calendar
Upcoming Events and Activities

Congratulations to Coach Molina and the boy’s soccer team on a great state tournament.  The boys soccer team lost on a penalty kick in overtime in the state championship game.  Congratulations also to the girl’s soccer and volleyball teams for hard fought losses in the quarterfinals of the state tournament.  Finally, congratulations to the football team for making its third straight championship appearance.  The football team will play in the DCIAA Stripes championship on Saturday.  For detailed statistics on each high school game go to allmetsports.com or maxpreps.com and search Bell.

GBB   - 0-0  
BBB   - 0-0

JVBB - 0-0
VGB   - 0-0
VBB   - 0-0
FB      - 7-4​​

No Games

No Games

No Games

No Games

No Games

HS FB vs. Roosevelt at 12:00 @ Dunbar (DCIAA Championship)

SLC Morning Meeting

SLC Morning Meeting
Department Meeting

Department Meeting
Data Meetings

Department Meeting
Data Meetings
American Education Week
Luncheon for all staff
No Meetings
November 23 - Native American History Month Assembly


  • Shout out to Ms. Martinez and Ms. Falkenberg for an outstanding faculty meeting presentation last week!
  • Shout out to the ops team for coordinating a smooth election day!
  • Shout out to Ms. Pugh for hosting european educators to CHEC!
  • Shout out to Ms. Montes and Ms. Alvarado for taking chec girls to a wonderful activity on Saturday!

Submitted by Angela Martinez and Angela Falkenberg

Thank you for a successful faculty meeting last week about the 25 Book Campaign.  The feedback we received was very informative and will assist us in further tailoring the campaign to the needs of the CHEC community.  To access the information reviewed in the faculty meeting navigate to tinyurl.com/25booksCHEC.  

Next Steps (Teachers)
  • Fill out your shelfie and post it in your classroom (Let the librarians know if you need a shelfie)
  • Talk to your students about the 25 book campaign
  • Teach your students to use NoodleTools to create citations for books/articles read (Let librarians know if you’d like assistance with this part).

Next Steps (Librarians)
  • Use feedback to further improve UbD and Information Guide
  • Provide signage and flyers for teaching students about the campaign
  • Support teachers in rolling out 25 Book Campaign revisions to students and lessons in how to use NoodleTools

Thank you again,

Falkenberg and Martinez

Submitted by Suzannah Weiss

Due to an injury (unrelated to yoga), I have to stay off the mat for a couple of weeks. So, I have to cancel Yoga Wednesdays – We will resume in December.

The Body's Way is the method of moving the body in accord with its natural design and function.
Philosophy is the study of wisdom. Similarly, The Body's Way is the study of body wisdom - it is a path of self-discovery, self-healing and personal mastery. Body wisdom is derived by observing the function and design of the body and then using sensation to guide us in becoming fit, experiencing personal growth and creating holistic well-being in our lives. Following The Body's Way, we learn to live in our body with respect for the organic cycles in all things.

Like The Body's Way, all yoga education is holistic, which means that yoga relates to the body as a totality including the four realms (physical, mental, emotional, and spirit). All yoga education addresses the four realms as equal and interconnected parts of the body. Yoga's approach to somatic education intentionally incorporates each realm into the movement experience.

The role of the body
The role of the body involves moving and tracking sensation to receive information and develop sensory knowledge. The body is conditioned holistically (systematically and systemically) using the traditional poses, breathing and all yoga concepts, theories, principles and methodologies. Studying yoga necessitates students becoming sensation scientists as they advance through daily practice.

Yogis Choose Joy through sensation ~ Dance Through Life - Action Item
Try this: Become aware of your body and the sensations that are present. Do it now, but also do it on purpose first thing in the morning, in the middle of a meeting, on your commute, while you're exercising and at the dinner table.  Just see what you become aware of.  See if you can begin to recognize similar sensations during different activities. Just drop into your body and see. Look around in there.

Dropping into sensation is a method of meditation that doesn't take any extra time in your day.  It brings you into present moment awareness and if you choose to acknowledge what feels good in your body it can provide you with instant Joy. If what you find is pain or discomfort in any form, you can choose to change it. Move, adjust, tweak your posture, moves or environment until you find relief - then, back to Joy.

Dance... Sweat... Move... Transform...

The Leadership Team will continue to meet every other Friday this year, and the Academic Leadership Team (ALT) will meet every other Wednesday. The ALT met last Wednesday, November 30, and our next ALT/Leadership Team meeting will be Wednesday, December 14. At this meeting, we will continue to track progress on the comprehensive school plan, and analyze the results of the short cycles. The notes and minutes from all meetings are available on the CHEC Portal. The Academic Leadership Team is a group of teachers, counselors, and administrators who meet every other week to discuss school needs, and plan for improvements. The Leadership Team designs the school’s comprehensive school plan, and helps in its implementation. Please consider joining the Leadership Team this year.  It is open to all faculty and staff.  We need the involvement and voices of all. Remember, Leadership team meetings are open to all who are interested in schoolwide decision-making and leadership. You can come once, or as many times as you like, but please make your voice heard!


The advisory transition is the most powerful moment in establishing climate, norms, and routines. Remember our goal of consistency so that students experience consistent expectations and support. Please also remember our shift to Restorative Justice. Use CHAMPS and PBIS to support your classroom climate! The Deans will be chairing the School Climate and Culture Team. Please join to make your voice heard on the School Climate and Culture.


This IS A REMINDER ABOUT THE Student of the Week Program. Any staff member can nominate a student, for academic or mission related accomplishments. Please send your nominations by email to M. Tukeva.
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